Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alone Time Interview 2

Do you ever take alone time? Where do you typically go? What do you do?

Do you find it beneficial in your life?

Have you learned anything through alone time? if so, what?

What advice would you give to anyone who is afraid or uncomfortable with taking time to sit with their own thoughts?

thoughts? comments?

Chase's Reaction:

wow, i never would've thought these questions would be so fitting.

yes, absolutely. last year it was a real hassle for me, living in a dorm room with a roommate who was constantly around considering he never did anything. however, now that i live in a house with my own room, i find my bedroom to be perfect for such alone time. i find myself to be a major introvert, and it's nice to have an area i can go to be by myself literally any time i want, and oftentimes i find myself just chilling there by myself even without the desire to, just because, and i find it to be very relaxing because i'm just unwinding there by myself, reading, listening to music, smoking pot, etc. i find it almost necessary, considering how last year i went through some major breakdowns on account of the fact that i was essentially never alone, because even if my roommate wasn't there, my room was just the common hang-out spot for all of my friends, so it was rare a time that i would have less than about 5 people in my room along with me. i spent the first couple weeks living in this house almost completely by myself and absolutely loved it because it finally gave me a chance to catch up with all my thoughts and actually think them all the way through. (that basically answers questions 1 and 2)

what have i learned from my alone time? basically just that i'm an introvert. i'm sure i've gathered much more from it, though it's usually just personal reflection that i'm only able to accomplish by myself. it's just nice to be able to have as much time as you want to think your feelings all the way through, and then, once you come to a conclusion on them, discuss them with others, and get real opinions on them.

my suggestions to anyone uncomfortable with being by themselves: fuck everything you have ever learned about life. you don't need to be constantly surrounded by people to thrive. alone time does not necessarily mean you are lonely, a loner, or an outcast. sometimes that time to yourself is necessary. i would suggest you do just what i do: smoke some pot with some music you like, get on your computer or get a book, and just chill. if you don't know what you need to discuss with yourself, it will come to you. pot isn't even always necessary, i just find i have better internal discussions while under the influence. for anyone, i would say living an environment where you have your own room but are almost constantly within arm's reach of a few friends (like a house, apartment, or suite with personal rooms) is the perfect environment. for me, i almost never am completely by myself in this house; i could hang out with one of four people at any point of the day, but am completely able at any point to just go down to my room and be at one with my own thoughts. if you are unable to be in such an environment, seek out your own private area, and own it. once you own your own space, you're set. be at peace with your thoughts, not in competition with them, and don't let people say you need people around to thrive as a human being; it's perfectly normal to be alone.

- what a punk as fuck response.
Thanks Chase

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