Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taking People for Granted

What an appropriate time to be writing about not taking people for granted. 

Today, one of my roommates walks out of his room with his iphone in hand, extremely excited.  He had just been doing hours of studying, reading, homework blah blah blah.  On his phone he downloaded an application that transforms your to-do list into a mythical game.  As you finish things on the list, you level up in the game.  You get prizes and items and what not.  He loves video games like this and has now, more or less, turned his life into one.  I can't help but think how damn cool this is.  Not the game, I definitely don't have an interest in that...but he does.  I think it is so neat how much he appreciates something like that and that he really has such a passion for things like that.  

My point is that you may not always agree with the things the people around you are doing, but maybe stop judging for one fucking second and listen.  You may actually learn something.  It's about having an open mind.  Hearing what people have to say.  I definitely agree Sam, you can't have enough knowledge.  I think we should all try to appreciate the things most people would be so quick to judge about.  Every person is completely unique and may make different life choices based on their own individual experiences.

Don't take people for granted.  Listen to what they have to offer.  You make not be able to understand why at this moment but I guarantee one day, when that person is no longer around, you will wish you had more time to share with them.

Have you ever taken someone for granted?
Do you think it is important to express interest in other people's interests?
Have you ever stopped to appreciate the little things?

- Jordan

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