Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taking People for Granted

What people have to offer.

It seems like it's just really cool to hate people these days. I seem to always here from everyone, "Oh my god I hate people." or the famous, "Ugh, people..."
This isn't a cool way to think or feel. I re-peat NOT cool.
No one needs to explain to anyone how flawed humans are or how annoying, ignorant and rude groups of people are. I've found lately that there is more nobility in being able to deal with people. At this point in the human progression it's safe to say that knowledge is key and what I think everyone can get out of eachother is a little bit of knowledge. No matter what it is you can learn something from everyone. There have been way too many times that I go out of my way to avoid contact with people and I'm finding that a bit of what I'm doing is avoiding myself. The fact is that everyone has one thing in common and that's being human. Typically there are more things than that but I'll keep it to a minimum. Due to these similarities we are able to use people as a mirror. We can look in and see what qualities others possess that we admire and maybe want to add to ourselves. We also, more often then not, find ways NOT to be. It's a bummer when this happens but none the less it teaches us how to be...even if it's how not to be.
Try to imagine every experience that's happened in your life and try to imagine how it's changed you. Impossible right? Well you're not the only one. Everyone has had unique experiences and grown in different ways becasue of it....there is basically an endless supply of possibilities when it comes to people. I'm not saying not to talk shit on bros with your friends, and I'm not saying to give up any and all free time. I'm just proposing that everyone give everyone else a chance. Just one is all....  The people I'm friends with today are people who gave me just a bit more than a quick and final judgement. People can surprise you..not always for the best but it can happen.

- Sam

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