Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hey Jordan,
It’s noon my time and I just had breakfast. Wanted to say I miss you, and that I’m in a pretty bad mood because my glasses broke last night.  Anyway, I was talking with Josh last night about his plans for the evening. He told me he really planned on laying low for the night because he and his friends needed a break from drinking. Smart choice, I thought. He then went on to explain that his first class was on Tuesday at three p.m and he also wanted to rest up, not because he was tired from all the previous nights of drinking, but because he planned on getting enough sleep to wake up to greet the coming sunrise with a drink. The drinks, he said, would continue until the next sunrise and then for the following hours until his first class of the semester, which I believe was an Econ class.
Slightly amused, because I love when Josh makes a decision to do anything, I wrote it off as “another night at college” (Dear readers, however much my Co-writer and all of our mutual friends may love college I HATE it. I’ll explain that later though).
After explaining his plans Josh came up with a pretty great explination. He told me that this past summer he made the decision to start living his life with his old age in mind. He told me that he hates the idea that he’ll get old one day and realize that he missed out on any opportunity. READERS, Josh is like the smart kid who figured out what a vaporizer was while everyone thought it was fun to tear bible paper). Here is a short exert from our conversation last night from our friend Josh:

“like that's why i told (girls name I cut out) i liked her, that's why i did shrooms, and that's why i'm going to be hammered in my economics class tuesday. because no one gets old and regrets getting turned down by girls or doing shrooms or going to one class drunk
they regret all the shit they missed out on”

I really agreed with this but had some other thoughts on it as well. Jordan tell me if you agree with this you hunky party-blast-rag.
What we’re talking about here is basically the idea of Regret. Josh wants to live his life planning outings and excursions that he will hopefully look back on and smile at, or cry, or do whatever old-Josh does when he’s old. I agree to an extent. Drinking from sunrise to sunrise is a feat, don’t get me wrong. But if I were to look back at something like that I think the act itself would really not tell me anything about the kind of person I was or the kind of time I really had. Josh has the right idea, “balls-to-the-wall” always. Perfection. Who is he going to be drinking with though, and what is he going to do. Some of my best memories where regret is obsolete in my life is made up of conversations, real friends, the making of friendships, and moments where I conquer some of the flaws I was born with. READERS( I have red hair).
I think the way to beat regret is to really work on knowing yourself and what you truly want. Everyone is a freak and wants some pretty weird stuff. Beating regret at it’s own game is acting on those desires in a sensible way.
Josh ended the conversation with this: 

 “friend just invited me to a party
there goes my not drinking tonight
because i've always gotta say yes
dude make me and jordan a website for our blog!­­
dude i don't know how the fuck to do that”

He’s the king.
Jordan thoughts?

“Have a good life and don’t be how you’re not.”

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